Step Three: Flex those Mindsets.

Our minds are more adaptable and plastic than we imagine, thus, we can literally switch our thoughts and change our mind.  Once behavioural patterns are highlighted, they become obvious. You may even think “Why didn’t I see this?” The reality is that we are simply not objective when evaluating our own sign posts.  Success is an emergent property. It emerges and so does failure. We can’t cause either directly.  We can only put in place the necessary conditions for them to happen on their own.

In most cases, getting the change you want actually requires a lot less “work” than what you might have thought.  We spend so much time repeating patterns that don’t produce desired results.  Once you cut the waste and focus on your unique leverage points, sustainable behavior change is easier to accomplish.

Adapting to changes in any environment requires two things: the skill to do so and the will to endure.
In this step, we will focus on what skills need to be developed and help you acquire the tenacity (the will) to see it through.

Without an adaptive or agile thought process, you are more likely to remain rigid and limited in your potential.