The Colbie Colleen Series – by Faith Wood

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Colbie Colleen Series

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    The Accidental Audience – Book 1

    Insight. Intrigue. Intuition. Throughout her life, Colbie Colleen built walls around herself – now, life challenges her safety net. Her security. Her relationships. She stands alone as she attempts to complete a puzzle from fragmented pieces, needing to trust her instincts for she knows things are not as they seem. Faith Wood’s the Accidental Audience […]

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    Chasing Rhinos – Book 2

    Faith Wood’s Chasing Rhinos, Book 2 of the Colbie Colleen suspense series, reconnects readers with the feisty, redheaded ex-cop, psychological profiler, and psychic detective. Catapulted to a successful career, Colbie learns with success come challenges—PTSD. Fading feelings. A need for something. Anything. Yet, resolve to make everything work tethers her to a life needing clarity—lies […]

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    Apology Accepted – Book 3

    Dishonesty. Distrust. Duplicity. There’s a certain sound associated with cold, hard, steel—and, it’s not good. As massive doors clanged behind her, Colbie wondered what the hell she was doing there. Was it necessary? What good would it do? There was nothing to gain, really, except for a possible misguided thrill of seeing the man who […]

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    Whiskey Snow – Book 4

    Suspicion. Suspects. Surrender. Suddenly, she found herself walking a solitary country road—focusing on her feet, she paid little attention to anything around her, barely noticing as a man in overalls approached, a young girl dressed in a tattered, white dress in tow. Did she know them? Then, as quickly as they drew near, Colbie backed […]

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    Chill of Deception – Book 5

    In her fifth book, Chill of Deception, a Colbie Colleen Cozy, Suspense Mystery, award-winning author, Faith Wood, transports readers to the Deep South where Colbie tackles a mystery of murder and intrigue. In life, there are two constants—time and change. One begets the other—so, when Colbie’s life shatters in the middle of a high profile […]

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    At The Intersection of Blood & Money – Book 6

    Armond turned to him, his face refusing to disguise obvious disdain. As far as he was concerned, his directive was simple—one that should not have secured authorities’ attention. Surely, now that the damage was done, there would be questions—a position he didn’t relish.  As he considered the issue, he also considered—again—if it were time to […]

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    Scent of Unfinished Business – Book 7

    When Colbie’s Yucatan vacation for self-discovery shifts in an unexpected direction, she can’t refuse when an old colleague suggests working together to solve the murder of archaeologist, Richard Sanderson. Returning to Georgia in search of truth, roadblocks force her to embed herself in a world of relics, riddles, and reality as she delves into a […]

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Book 1
The Accidental Audience

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Book 2
Chasing Rhinos

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Book 3
Apology Accepted

Reader Reviews

  • Chasing Rhinos is the second book in a suspense series featuring COLBIE COLLEEN, a former cop and psychological and behavioral profiler. Colbie teams up again with her friend RYAN FITZPATRICK and crisscrosses the globe to solve an art theft case. There are some surprising, even shocking plot twists including the appearance of her long-time boyfriend BRIAN and a rhino horn trafficking ring. The descriptions of people and situations left me feeling like I’d been right there with Colbie, Ryan and Brian. I highly recommend Faith’s book. And I’m glad I read The Accidental Audience first. – Roxann

  • Chasing Rhinos is compelling and insightful. Faith Wood provides an in depth understanding of the human psyche in her latest Colbie Colleen mystery. This must read, displays Faith’s unique conversational writing style that pulls you in and makes you feel you are right there alongside the protagonist. The suspense builds quickly and draws you in as the end of each chapter piques your curiosity for what comes next. Faith’s style brings to mind Sue Grafton, one of my favourite mystery writers. Unleash the power of Faith! – Joan Bell, Entrepreneur

  • “This story will take you around the world with anticipation and adventure. Woods writing style made it difficult to put the book down until the back cover was reached; however the drooling for the next book has already begun!” – Robin Havlicek – RAD Printing Inc.

  • “First in the series, the award-winning Accidental Audience began the adventure of an ex-police officer’s journey of self-discovery while solving criminal cases. Second in the series, Chasing Rhinos, is even better as readers delve deeper into the main character, her relationship issues, and new mysteries to solve on an international scale. Well worth the read—kudos to the author!” – Brian McCullough, Author of On the Edge of Now science fictions series

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