There are new pressures on leaders today to create the conditions that engender high performance, to display attributes such as courage, character, commitment from the ‘inside out’ and to create cultures of high performance moving well beyond the command and control style.

Communication and problem solving ability is impacted by one’s state of mind and previous experiences with conflict.  In fact, our decision making abilities are all impacted by our expectations; our education and our past experiences.  If we believe that conflict always produces a negative result, Or that it is OUR job to solve everyone else’s problem, then the way we communicate and our problem solving choices will reflect this position.   This can pose some challenges if you haven’t ensured a high level of rapport.

My pattern detection insights may be useful to you:

  • When you are coping with someone who showed up for work today but they don’t want to work (yes – that could even be you)
  • When you are struggling with morale, culture or respectful communications
  • When you have inherited some challenging personalities and don’t know how to get the best performances from them?
  • If you are part of a service oriented business where people are more important than product sales,
  • If you are juggling both the human interactions with compliance/regulatory obligations,
  • If the number of egos in the room have put a halt to good decision making

Then I have A LOT of experience navigating these types of challenges.  I can help you discover what might be missing, re-focus on what matters most and gain insight on how to influence different outcomes.

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Did you know that a hypnosis demonstration with your participants can increase the engagement factor, and impact of learning sessions?

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