Do you need to add that “wow” factor to an event and get people to think differently in the process? Look no further. Faith is an engaging, honest, and entertaining speaker who draws in groups and guides individuals. Whether it’s an audience of 10 or 10,000, Faith pushes the boundaries of what they may think as possible.

Changing the way you think won’t necessarily change the world, but it can change your world.

Faith Wood delivers a practical and powerful message that can shift the way you live, work, and think. It is a message that has impacted audiences around the world, leaving a positive and lasting impression.

Through her keynote presentations, seminars, coaching, long term support, and captivating stage presence, Faith seeks to inspire both professional and personal success.

Take a peek at a few of our popular presentations below:

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Did you know that a hypnosis demonstration with your participants can increase the engagement factor, and impact of learning sessions?

Let me know if you are interested in including a demonstration in your event program.

  • Faith is inspiring, energetic and wildly entertaining. I’ve listened to many professional speakers over the years, but Faith Wood is among the best. I’ve known some professional speakers to just talk the talk and when it comes to walking the walk – most don’t even take a single step in the direction they speak of. Faith is very different, her life experiences have put things into a very unique perspective. The delivery is thought provoking, full of charisma and wit. She would be a welcome addition to any public speaking event. Plus, her skills in handwriting analysis are astounding.
    – Tish Bell (Boychuk)

  • I contracted Ms. Wood to provide a full-day seminar at our conference in Banff. The seminar was very successful, as Ms. Wood’s presentation was interesting, informative, and entertaining. Ms Wood is a very dynamic speaker and I highly recommend her services!
    – Patty Lehaul, Alberta Crown Prosecutor

  • I cannot tell you how much your seminars mean to me and what joy and awareness they bring. The privilege of attending two in the last 3 months is a bonus. Your presentation skills are the best I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Many seminars in this 63 year old life, all of value, all a wonderful learning, but if I was given a choice, after experiencing you, it would always be you I went to. Looking forward to more presentations during our next fiscal year, with or without the Power Point! You are all the Power we need!
    – Lynzie Pilfold

  • Faith Wood has a charismatic way of presenting to a group. Her Predator / Prey information is serious and critical, however she delivers it with humour and an intensity that drives the point home. The value in her message is very clear and simple which makes her recommendations easily applied in our day to day lives. After hearing Faith give her message, our group is better prepared to protect themselves and make safe decisions. A great investment for your group, give them some “Faith” in intuition and permission to use their own power!
    – Jill Jones

  • I want to thank you again for the ‘out of box’ experience last week at the Farm Womens Conference. If it wasn’t for the room full of women and the hunch of trust I had for you, I never would have gotten up on that stage. Getting hypnotized was never on my ‘to do’ list. Awesome!

    Pam Israelson

  • Having Faith Wood “warm up” the attendees at our  Alberta Restorative Justice Association fall conference formal supper with her handwriting analysis was nothing short of amazing!  The feedback the Board has received about Faith has been ‘glowing’.  During dessert, Faith was asked to ‘keep the crowd’ engaged and in their seats before our other key note speaker took to the stage, and she did just that,…with amazing results!  It is obvious that Faith is an expert in the field of handwriting analysis and she is able to present this to the crowd as a fun and interactive activity that has the crowd engaged and eager for more.  Faith allows us all to take a little look inside our own personalities and she delivers this knowledge, zest, and flair.  I most highly recommend Faith Wood and her handwriting analysis to any group looking to bring some energy into the room, have interaction with the audience, keep the attendees interested and wanting more, and most of all,…having fun!  If you are looking for something different that has not been done before, try Faith and her handwriting analysis, Faith does not disappoint.

    Betty J. Lynn-Benson – Alberta Restorative Justice Association

  • I hope all is well.  The feedback from your presentation was probably the best I have seen in my 7 years on the board of directors so thank-you again for an amazing presentation.

    Corey McDougall, PMP
    VP of Communications
    PMI Regina South Saskatchewan Chapter

  • I wanted to send a note of sincere thanks to you for your ‘Cure for Willful Blindness’ presentation at last week’s symposium.  The content and discussion generated great enthusiasm from the learners and food for thought on how we all potentially play a part in willful blindness in our everyday lives.

    You helped make the event meaningful, memorable, and an exceptional learning experience for everyone involved.
    Thanks again,
    Gary Gillan, PMP
    Director Project Execution, Industrial Group