Entertainment – Hypnosis & Handwriting Analysis

Instead of another “so so” corporate entertainer, shake things up with a bit of Faith.

Through years of experience, Faith has redefined what corporate entertainment can look like. With her high-energy and engaging communication, she brings an unforgettable interactive experience for each individual.

What other type of entertainment involves the entire audience? Over the past decade, Faith has brought her interactive hypnosis keynote performance to over 2000 audiences around the world. The mind is an amazing tool that can become dull through unproductive thought patterns. Faith works to inspire audiences to unlock their full potential, and experience non-stop laughter, through the art of hypnosis and handwriting analysis.

What can incorporating a Motivational Hypnosis Show or demo do for your team?

assist your team to achieve and exceed goals
improve customer service
increase sales
develop leadership skills
overcome fear and insecurity
relieve tension and stress
build positive relationships and truly … so much more!

Check out some of the clips of previous shows here to get a sense of the audience and volunteer engagement:

Hypnosis shows certainly engage everyone, but handwriting analysis events involve everyone.

Handwriting Analysis is an inspiring, insightful and amusing way to get to know your friends and colleagues better and as a result can help to make your next event more memorable. Handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint, and characteristics within the way that the words and letters are formed can often say more about a person than the writing itself. From boundary issues to independent work styles, one’s writing sample can help you sift through the possibilities and help you reduce conflict and create greater rapport with others.
During the banquet, seminar or keynote, attendees will laugh outrageously as they discover how to interpret a single sentence and deliver a quickie (analysis – I mean!). This will give attendees an opportunity to get to know each other better in a fun and non-threatening way and leave them talking about your event long after it concludes.

Curious what others have to say about Faith?

“I loved your session and was engaged until the end. Your humorous approach was a great way to involve the audience and keep us interested! I’d love to attend another one of your sessions and recommend you to anyone that wants to enrich their event with edutainment.” -Marlene Makaroff

“We had Faith join us at our home for the Cardiovascular MRI Centre Xmas party where we had about 75 people in attendance.  I’m sure at least 70 of those had their handwriting analyzed by Faith.  Initially there was some skepticism but it was short lived as each time someone came away from seeing Faith their eyes were wide with shock at how well she had “read” their handwriting and they spread the news.  The main talk of the evening ended up being about how good Faith was at her job!  We were at another Xmas party last night where some of the same people who attended our party were and they were still going on about Faith!  Thanks so much Faith for making our party a hit!!!” – Yvonne Kendrick