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Hypnosis is the best way to train your mind to choose to eat healthy foods as a matter of course.
I want to help you achieve that weight loss goal you set this year!

Get this: 30% of all New Year’s resolutions are broken before February, according to a poll by the time management firm Franklin Covey. 

Why?  I’m going to let you in on a big secret.   Are you ready?   Losing fat is actually pretty hard to do.

Did you get that? Notice, I didn’t say, “Losing weight is hard to do.” No, losing weight is easy. 

Yep, I said it. Losing weight is easy. Fast (that is, go without eating anything – just drinking water), and you can lose a pound of weight a day. Take a diuretic and you might even lose up to 10 lbs. of water weight in a day.   Is it safe? No.   Is it healthy? No.  Does it work?  No.  But you aren’t losing fat when you do that?  Now here comes the bad part. When you lose weight that way you are simply losing water weight.  And water comes back the second you start drinking it again.

When it comes to our weight loss goals, will power alone is often not enough.  If it were, the fitness studios would be full year-round and there would be no one fighting with fading motivation at the grocery store.

So, has your initial enthusiasm for your latest diet faded away? Are you finding it harder and harder to keep to your healthy eating plan?

It’s always the same old story, and the only consolation is – it proves you’re human. You’re not Superman or Superwoman. We always like to think that ‘This time!’ we’re going to get it right. We find the perfect diet plan. We get rid of the naughty stuff. We pick the start day. And off we go, full of enthusiasm and high hopes.

And it’s quite likely to go well at first. There’s the buzz of the ‘new start’. There’s the great feeling when we see those first few pounds fall off the scale. We forget that we can’t have a ‘new start’ every day. We forget that there will be days when the scales will stay obstinately still – or even, heaven forbid, go up! When, at last, we remember this, we get discouraged. And it’s so tempting to just give up. Until next time.

Would you like this year to be different?  Would you like to get some support to help you stay committed to the deal you made with yourself?
Well, I would like to help you with this quest.

If you keep in mind that you have the psychology of a human being and not a super being, and you work directly with that human psychology, there is a great deal you can do to help yourself achieve the healthy weight loss that you want. 

Firstly, you need to appreciate the role that your unconscious plays in the decisions you make every day – including the decisions about what you will or won’t eat. We’re talking about the decisions that seem to ‘make themselves’, that happen without your directly ‘thinking’ about or ‘choosing’ them.

This sort of decision making comes out of hidden patterns in your mind, a sort of story board of ‘what to do in every circumstance’ that you carry in your head. Everybody has such patterns. We build these story boards as we go through life, not even noticing that we are doing so, and they guide our actions rather automatically. Fortunately, it is perfectly possible to update an old story which is no longer serving you well.

And the best way to do this is with hypnosis.

But before you start getting all nervous about it, let me explain some things…

What is hypnosis?  

There are many definitions of hypnosis, but in simple terms, Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness and focus. In this state (between sleeping and waking), we increase our mind’s ability to accept positive suggestions while experiencing a deep state of rest (mind & body). It can be likened to a guided day dream.  During hypnosis, you can set aside all those limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from moving towards a healthier, happier you.

How can you stop activating the diet yo-yo?

Imagine your body normally burns 2000 calories a day, but you decide to fast (go entirely without eating) in an effort to lose weight as rapidly as possible.   Guess what your body does immediately?   It starts trying to figure out how to slow your metabolism. After all the genes that keep you alive are very similar to the genes that keep every mammal on the planet alive. And this whole hunger strike thing is pretty new to the animal kingdom. But famines are not new, been with animals and mankind for centuries (even, given the strange politics that many people live under, to the present day).
Sustained weight loss requires a commitment to establishing healthy lifestyle choices and hypnosis (guided meditations) can help make that an easier transition than you ever thought possible.

So where is a good place to start?

I have created a package for you to begin working with me and it won’t cost you any more than a great dinner out! 

NO, it won’t be a quick fix approach to the diet of the month club.  Instead we will embark on a lifestyle change when it comes to your health and daily practices.   We will connect weekly to address issues around portion control, activity level, stress and boredom triggers, sugar addictions and increased desire for moving your body.

Just like everywhere else in life, short term thinking and actions yield unreliable short term results. Long term thinking and actions yield reliable long term results.  So, are you ready to invest in your own success and harness the power of your thoughts and behaviors with a little help from a mind coach?

Fabulous!  I’m here to help you make that decision as easy as possible.  I’ve got your back on this one.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Faith Wood

Certified Hypnotherapist


For 5 consecutive Mondays – starting Monday, January 16th at 4 PM Pacific Time,  I will meet you on video conference (you will join me from your laptop, tablet, Desktop Computer or Smart Phone) and using the power of hypnosis will help you make changes at the unconscious level – the level where old habits, no matter how long you’ve had them, can be swapped for new (and better) ones.

How Much?

$150 for all 5 sessions.  WOW!  A private session with me usually runs $200 + GST per session.  You get all 5 for an all-in price of $150 CDN – that works out to only $30/session inclusive of the tax.

WHY am I making such an incredible offer?  
Because I want your 2017 to start amazing right out of the gate!

No more excuses!  As you relax and listen in on Mondays, you’ll notice that:

  • Small lifestyle changes go a long way
  • You can consistently stick to a healthy lifestyle
  • the stress and strain of the old struggle starts to melt away
  • your instincts about what will make you slimmer, fitter and healthier start to get sharper
  • you find it getting steadily easier to make sensible choices more of the time
  • you start to feel so much better about yourself in every way


Register with me today and together let’s develop a consistent approach to weight loss so you can achieve, and maintain.

Send me an Email that says “I’m in!” today and let’s get you registered and scheduled to join me for that first chat Monday, January 16th.