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Do you want to know if your employees or your boss is lying to you? Download our free ebook, “Liar, Liar” for a sample of just one of the topics we offer in our full lunch-and-learn or workshop sessions.

Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about you? Have you ever wondered what your best friend, spouse or boss’s handwriting says about them? Now you can find out – either with a free handwriting analysis, or with our at home study course or easy-to-use cards.

If you have 10 minutes drive time to work, home, shopping or while running errands, you have time to listen to one of our audiobooks or e-learnings. We also have quite a selection of mindfulness meditations and video learnings focused on personal development.

Almost all the information, tips, talks and workshops we offer are available through our online store. If there’s a topic you don’t see listed, email us. Chances are it’s in the process of being produced, or we’ll consider adding it to our list.

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This isn’t your typical self-help blog (although there is some of that too)! You’ll find topics ranging from goal setting to conflict negotiation and everything in between. If you’re ready to do more than just show up, and instead take control of the story you’re telling, then it’s time to dig in!