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Hypnosis MP3s

Hypnosis is often thought to be a therapy that only affects the mind, but as mind and body are inseparably joined, hypnosis can also help physical ailments. The popular assumption that hypnosis is only useful for weight reduction and stopping smoking is very much mistaken; there are many more possibilities. Hypnosis has a definite and pervasive effect on our physical well-being, and it is generally accepted that if we feel unhappy, stressed or overworked, our health may suffer.

Psychological pressure causes propensity for minor illnesses, like colds etc., and recent research, suggests that mental factors play a part in the development of many serious diseases. Sufferers from chronic complaints such as arthritis, rheumatism, digestive upsets and back problems, often find that symptoms of discomfort and pain will worsen when they are low in spirits. While we still have incomplete and imprecise knowledge of how bodily illnesses are connected with the workings of the mind, we do know hypnosis promotes mental changes that lead to improvements in wellness.

Trance unquestionably does reduce resistance to new ideas. It also encourages greater mental agility, creating opportunities for changes in behaviour, allowing different perspectives on problems and providing a flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Hypnotherapy sessions with Faith Wood are available by appointment only in Coldstream BC, and Calgary Alberta. In addition, hypnosis sessions are available by video conference across Canada and USA.