Breaking out of the Comfort Zone

Humans have many traits, and a dispensation towards hiding within the invisible cloak of a ‘comfort zone’ is one of them. That might be at work or at home and be the truth known, you are probably better at seeing the trait in others than yourself.

People become habitually and intellectually lazy, unconsciously opting for the easy life – yet at what price in a fast moving ultra competitive world where the only security is insecurity.

in 1995 American Psychologist Robert Sternberg coined the term “Learning Ability”. Learning ability is based on observable human characteristics that are evidenced within high performance leaders and are highly desirable in todays rapidly changing world. Qualities such as:

Street smarts
Quick learners
Being open to challenges / change
Cutting to the heart of the matter
Being curious and open minded.

For those of you familiar with coaching and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) you will recognise the potential synergy between the many NLP competencies and the desirable traits of ‘Learning Ability’. Perhaps a key point to note is that all these skills can be learnt, developed and refined.

To what degree do you positively seek, welcome, receive, integrate and adapt to the wealth of feedback you invite, receive and observe?

If its not 10 out of 10, do something about it. If you think it is 10 out of 10, check that out with someone else. Then ask the question – “What else can I be doing to even greater effectiveness”?

Let me leave you with a couple of questions. If you are really, really commited to being ‘the best you can be’, who coaches you to become who you can be?

Who pushes you?
Who challenges you?
Who stretches you?
Who provides you with the creative space, to devise your next decisive move?

And now – One LAST Question

“What happens when you operate outside your comfort zone”?