Handwriting Analysis Secrets Revealed

What is handwriting analysis and what secrets can it possibly reveal?

This is a question, I am often asked when I begin to demonstrate the gift this skill has offered in my life. From building fun and insightful connection points with strangers in airports to helping me align my speaking style to audience participation, learning handwriting analysis can help you discover a scientific strategy for decoding human capital.

I am delighted to let you know (and just in time for the Christmas gift giving season) that I am offering an e-learning opportunity for you beginning in January.  For 5 Weeks, you will benefit from receiving both a workbook/resource guide as well as weekly 45 minute webinar based trainings (from the comfort of your own home or office) designed to help you develop a keen eye and awareness for handwriting analysis.

The training begins January 15th and runs consecutive Wednesday nights.   If you miss a session – no worries – each webinar will be recorded and the recording sent to you directly via email where you can review the content at your leisure.

But why would you want to register and participate at all?

Certainly this can be answered in a multitude of ways.   So let me start by saying this:  Handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint, and characteristics within the way that the words and letters are formed can often say more about a person than the writing itself.   From boundary issues to independent work styles, one’s writing sample can help you sift through the possibilities and help you reduce conflict and create stronger relationships with others.  There are more than 200 personality traits contained within a sample of writing and in this interactive webinar series, Faith Wood will show you how to decipher what traits are showing up when you scribble a quick note.

Really…does anyone even write anymore?

Realistically, no one writes official letters by hand anymore except maybe a quick note in the annual holiday letters.  However, we still jot thoughts down on a post-it note; scratch important details in the margins of great books or during seminars and even post To Do lists as well as personalized thank you notes (or at least our marketing friends say we should).   Some prospective employers actually do require job candidates to include a handwritten document with their applications. “For what reason?” you might ask.   Your handwriting may have a little more to say about you than what you listed in your resumé, as experts have discovered over the years.  Embedded in the way that you form letters and connection points in your writing, is information relating to your level of maturity, intelligence, creativity, depression, humor, adaptability, resilience, deceptiveness, and so much more.

However, people don’t universally agree that Handwriting Analysis has any compelling value at all. For example, the Skeptic’s Dictionary dismisses it as pseudo-scientific nonsense.  Since I am a huge believer in our innate ability to be discerning when given context and fair access to information – the link is here for you to be the judge.   I also offer a free rapid handwriting analysis on my website when you register for my eZine.

Taking the case for Handwriting Analysis though –  this technique has been widely used in compiling profiles for employment, business partnerships, and determining marital compatibility.  This is because – as a tool – the analysis can dig a little deeper than most interviews – revealing one’s true levels of integrity, stress management ability, and other traits that other candidate assessment procedures simply can’t effectively measure.   If nothing else, the analysis often provides us with an identifiable place to ask a few more questions or seek a little more clarity.   A well done analysis can help determine motivational drivers and cultural fit among other important aspects of an employee, which means the hiring company may be able to place the individual in the area where he or she is likely to be most productive. Security agencies like the FBI even use handwriting analysis as part of their bag of tricks in their investigations to detect psychotic or otherwise dangerous traits in a subject.

How can Handwriting Analysis possibly garner valuable information about me…. my handwriting changes all the time?   

This may appear to be true, but a well-trained Analyst can spot whether or not a sample of writing was written by the same individual.   The flow of the writing is what you see as changing, whereas an Analyst looks for the strokes within the writing that identify the patterns of your internal beliefs and attitudes.  I answer these and more questions in my post on the FAQs of Handwriting Analysis:     http://imind.ca/handwriting-analysis-faqs/

I would love to have you participate in this online training opportunity and begin to develop this skill for yourself – not to mention decide for yourself about the valuable benefits it might parlay for you.  Obviously this is what it means to be more discerning in your own decision making.

Still haven’t convinced you to take a peek?   Perhaps you need me to explore a few last questions for you:

Why this Speaker:   I (Faith Wood) am a dynamic speaker and professional coach, much sought after by organizations. With my keen sense of humour, I will introduce you to a few key traits which help decode your thinking and beliefs.  Using my knowledge of handwriting analysis, alongside my tactical human behaviour training, I will help you discover how to interpret some unique and powerful insights into the human mind and the dead give-a-ways that are present in one’s handwriting.  Knowing these insider secrets, can help you  quickly decode human capital – a must have for those who need to persuade and influence human behaviour for your children, teams and other important relationships.

Why This Topic:   Reasonable curiosity, to be sure!   People indeed can see some interesting things about you looking at your handwriting. Certainly a program like this is no substitute for Faith personally examining your handwriting, but it’s a place to start.

Handwriting Analysis, or Graphology, is a fascinating and fun method to reveal a person’s inner personality. By using a few simple techniques, you will be able to accurately determine a person’s emotional responses. You will also be able to determine the maturity level, truthfulness and even physical and sex drives of a person. For the most part, however, you will HAVE FUN!

There are many ways in which handwriting analysis has proven itself useful in assessment of personality and behavior:

The study of child development
Career placement services
Jury screening, criminology
Relationship compatibility – team and personal
And many more

There are some things that handwriting analysis cannot reveal.  For example, age or sex of the writer, prophesizing or fortune telling.  Handwriting Analysis only reveals information about a person’s present and past self and tendencies.

Why take this training now?   Well – right now – it’s ON SALE!   Seriously though, imagine having the ability to look at anyone’s handwriting and spot a few of the deep dark secrets, fears, esteem, honesty, fetishes, sex drives, and dozens of other hidden personality traits – it could mean the difference between investing well in certain relationships or beginning a relationship ripe with frustrations.

The training begins in January – why wait?  Faith is making it so easy to participate and she is offering an early registration discount if you take advantage before the holidays!

“Successful leaders have the courage to take action where others hesitate.”