How does one choose a Coach?

Are you on target with your expectations?

Me…I am definitely on target with respect to frequent flyer miles!  With two major training contracts coming to a close, I am in need of a little focus ON my business not just IN it!

So, how does a coach select a coach?  Defnitely a challenging question when we look at a need to elevate skills.  Personally, though, I look for someone who wont pull any punches.  Someone who will hold me accountable to my own growth and my own lack of decisive action.  I dont need more people to agree with me, I need someone who will challenge me to explore greater initiatives and ideology!

So what does it take for you to invest in coaching?  What stops you from investing right now in your own opportunity?  Many of us make excuses about money, about time, about almost anything.  However, sometimes it is the fear of becoming uncomfortable that deters us from a fresh perspective.

Let’s face it, we are all drawn to the familiar.  Our friends think like us; our family will tell us anything because they love us; and your spouse figures you wont listen to them regardless so why bother?!

A performance coach will help you tap into your hidden potential and hold you responsible for the actions you take (or don’t take as the case may be).  They are not in the business of stroking your ego (or at least they shouldn’t be) and, I would fire anyone who talks more than pushes you to take action.  A good coach should listen to your challenges and help you brainstorm how to overcome them.  They are not expected to have all the answers, but they are paid to think differently than everyone else in your peer group.

If you are not challenging yourself everyday then you are in danger of becoming too complacent and thus delivering a mediocre effort.  That type of mindset can be downright risky and difficult to influence!  So…are you ready to kick things up a notch before you ‘red line’?  There’s still time…..

If you are ready for a coach that doesn’t pull any punches or waste your time and money – Book an appointment with me today!