How to stay positive

We can’t control all of the problems and irritations that come up during the day. We can control our attitude and how we react to the situation, remember: you need to be happy with the reflection in the mirror.

Tips on staying positive:

  • Rearrange or redecorate your workspace
  • View negative situations as a training session for your future, use them to your benefit, they may help you later in life.
  • Find ways to spend more time on tasks you enjoy
  • Look for opportunities to learn new things
  • Realize that you can find positives in any negative situation. Albert Einstein said: “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”

At the beginning of the day, think about one important thing that you want to accomplish that day. Think about why it is important. Tell yourself that you have the ability to accomplish it successfully. Congratulate yourself when you have accomplished what you set out to do.

Positivity is something that is very hard to create out of nothing. It occurs naturally in some people, and others are deficient in it. Positivity can result from good things happening at the right time – or for that matter at any time. It can act as an energy source on which a person can access to bring the best results time and again. Whether you are a boss looking for good results from a sales team, or a salesperson looking for your own positive results, it is essential to bear in mind that the best results come from situations where the individual, and those with whom they work, feel that positive energy that feeds into a good performance.

Most of us have spent time with positive and negative people. Although those who are negative may be so for perfectly good reasons – past experience may have seen them consistently fail to get what they want – they can be difficult to deal with, even to the point where they seem to sap the positivity from those who have it in supply. This is something that you will tolerate from a friend, but in a workforce it is essential to stop this kind of negativity by whatever means necessary. Having a bright outlook can be difficult, especially when luck seems to be in short supply, but this is what separates good bosses and workers from bad ones.

Outlook and attitude are essential in any job, but particularly in one where you will be dealing with the public. It may seem that the day is not going your way, and that you are permanently going to be frustrated, but the essential thing to remember is that if you project this mood on to the people you work with, you will certainly have a bad time and a bad day. Positivity is hard to manufacture out of nothing, so sometimes you have to project it when you are not necessarily feeling it. Eventually, if you keep this faux positivity running for long enough, it can begin to create the conditions for real positivity to take hold and thrive. Of course, if you already feel it so much the better – as far as possible you should share it and allow it to become a prevailing condition.