It’s a new Year – Time to regroup

So I kind of fell apart in 2011 as far as blogging goes.  I always had the greatest intentions, but without specific action, the best of intentions are often wasted.  So…I figure it’s time to regroup.  Time to reconsider how I organize and write my blogs.  I want them to be insightful (Even a little entertaining) and appear with some form of regularity.  Since I was in San Diego at the dawn of the new year, it definitely bought me some time to get started.  I know that most of us never actually achieve our new year’s resolutions, so I am strategizing systems to actually keep mine.  But, before we do that – just a little recap of how I made out with last year’s resolutions (I definitely encourage each of you to do this – we have til the end of January to be considered well under way, right?!

I love this time of year – especially the moment just after 12 on January 1st when I realize that I really do get a ‘do-over’.   Yep – a chance to recover from all the blunders I made in the past year in respect of business opportunities that I let slip by, friendships I forgot to stay on top of and resolutions I completely overlooked!

When 2011 dawned, I promised myself that I would actually finish my book and self publish it.  Fundraising on a Shoestring came out in February.  Followed by:  Life under the limbo bar (after I adjusted all the things I wished I had done differently the first time) and then two more in the Fall on bullying.  I would say I was successful at the book goal – wouldn’t you?  (Now we could argue that I did a lousy job promoting these books and I would have to concede, but I don’t believe that was actually a stated resolution or goal – so….check on the writing.  If you grab a copy now, I might succeed at the selling bit in 2012!!)

I resolved to focus on staying healthy, active and balanced – check – I did that! – OK maybe not balanced – sometimes it is too much fun to be off kilter a little!

I promised myself that I would show up for the network club meetings that I hold memberships in – especially if I happened to actually be in town (and not pretend that I wasn’t) – I think I scored an 80% on that goal – not bad – check!  (Think I should probably keep this one going in 2012)

I resolved to strategically grow my business by revamping my website so I contacted elance and hired  some folks – take a look around – I think they did a pretty good job – check!

Expansion included exploring some marketing coaching.  Although I paid the bill, I am not sure I grew my business – back to the drawing board on that one.

Last part of the biz growth goal – I resolved to hire some promotional support – check!  I did manage to follow through on that one – thank you Francie Kane.

I promised to work out and stay in shape – I started out great on this goal, but kinda fell apart during the summer yard renovation project followed by the busy training calendar in the fall.  Yep – another excuse for sliding – no check mark.

I promised to spend more time connecting with my kids – I think I scored a 75% there, but they were pretty much on top of things for me in the fall.

So – how did you do.  If you reflect back – did you succeed at those well intentioned resolutions you made out loud or in secret?  If not, no worries – January is our ‘do over’ opportunity! Besides – it can only improve from here!