Time for a video pep talk?

Have you ever felt disillusioned with your current relationships?  Attitude?  Life?  I think we all can suffer from this occasionally and I know I have.  There are times when my motivation or gratitude is at an all time low, and then other times when it is at an all time high.   There are times when I am waiting for things to improve on my behalf and other times when I feel like a Magician – just making good stuff happen all around me.

So what’s the difference between the dark days and the light ones?  For me, it is an intentional attitude to see the good around me.  To relish the joy of just being here.  To be disciplined with my mind about what thoughts it gets to linger on.

Oh sure, there are days when it would definitely be easier to pull the covers over my head and stop trying so hard, but then I would miss out on the opportunity to be fascinated – by little things.  To experience joy; to be the kind of friend that is magnetic to others.  So … even on those days when I don’t feel like it, or it feels too hard to do – I force myself to express wonder, joy and gratitude.  Not to say I am always uber successful at my quest, but no good ever came from not trying.

If this thought resonates with you today, consider checking out my little video pep talk below and let’s start the movement towards living life courageously – the big adventure – the opportunity for awesomeness.