Often the Words DO Matter!

I am frequently coaching and presenting to others about the power of language.  Not just from a law of attraction mindset, but from a holistic one.  In other words, sometimes your words that you say about yourself have a detrimental effect on the entire group.

I believe that the success of any organization depends on collaboration, communication and cooperation. This is not usually a problem when everything is running smoothly. Unfortunately, things are not always running so smoothly.

Let’s face it, we are all communicating all the time. Well or poorly, but communicating nonetheless. Our words, our silence; our body language; our activity or inactivity – all speak volumes whether we mean them to or not. Sometimes, it is the little things we don’t even realize we are doing that give the greatest impression about our overall attitude towards ourselves and others.

Re-framing our dialogue is often one of the most challenging skill sets. For example – using words like BUT or HOWEVER in the sentence. Each time you use these words, they negate everything that came before it!! “I love what you have to say, BUT I just can’t seem to follow your advice.” Or, “I love you BUT I need to have more independence”.

Ending sentences with negative terms can also be equally as challenging. “How are you today, John?” “Not BAD”. What do we really mean when we say that? Understand that the last word someone says is usually the one that sticks in our minds. Therefore, in this exchange, the listener focuses on the word BAD and so do we! “I am so TIRED”. Guess what – self fulfilling prophecy at work!

Chronic complaining about the temperatures is in endless abundance and is also futile!  What do you hope will change when you complain – the weather or your attitude about it?

When you use negative phrases and words, you are unintentionally locking these feelings into your emotional mind. In addition, the perceptions that others have of you may be negative as well. Is this really how you want others to perceive you? Think about it, we all know those people who are difficult to be around. These are the folks who always seem to have some sort of drama going on in their lives or who never have anything positive to say. When you leave a conversation with these individuals, you feel like you need some kind of vitamin or energy injection. Admit it, we all know people who fit this description (and we have likely even been this person at times)

Make a conscious effort to pay attention to how you communicate with others – take note of the words you use and be careful to keep them clear and positive whenever possible. Remember those words are creating a snapshot of your overall attitude. No one can hear your brilliant ideas if they are clouded in negative speak.

A wise man once said that “in the ways of business, a fish rots from the head down”. If your staff are not conversing with customers in the manner you most desire, consider how your messages are delivered to them!

Always make an effort to consciously inspire others to produce better results. With practice, you will soon find that your communication skills will feel more natural and easy to apply. Keep at it until positive re framing becomes a habit and consistently inspires a more energetic attitude for yourself and the lives you come in contact with!