Would you support a Conscious Entrepreneur?

joint-pain-reliefI believe that getting real conscious in business is fast becoming one of the mega trends of the 21st century.   I find this trend fascinating when you consider my background as a First Responder where the ABCs provided a consistent gauge to the well being of the individual.

Today, being real conscious in business is about gauging the health and well being of yourself and the business.  (Many of us allow the business to rule our time but a balance of time is where its all at)

Many scientific studies have attempted to show that companies “should” do good in order to do well – that the fastest way to increased profits is to behave in a more ethical or conscious way.

But….Conscious business can’t be forced.  AND Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. More and more people want to create careers that provide both money and meaning.

Where 100 years ago, the scarce commodity was money, today the scarce commodity is meaning.

Conscious business is based on the principle of “Only Connect.” Instead of trying to put on a front that will convince people to buy from us, conscious business creates authentic connections based on a commitment to providing exceptional value.  This translates the ethic of connection into business, and in doing so it turns marketing and sales on its head.

Because of the pervasiveness of unconscious business, we tend to assume that selling means taking and marketing means manipulation. We assume that sales means separation, and then we may hope that we can connect through our services to our customers.

Conscious business creates authentic and consistent connection both in sales and in service.

In a world where our attention spans are shrinking at an alarming rate.  One study indicating that we have shrunk our ability to be consciously attentive from 20 minutes in the 40s to 9 seconds today (that’s one lap around the fish bowl)

Developing a consistent path towards a more conscious business is a part of my own plan for long term success in this crazy economy.  But how does one do that?

Well in a world according to FAITH….

Ensure Your Words & Actions Are Truly Intended To Benefit Everyone Involved

When you speak, write, make offers, enroll people, negotiate, promote, or do anything in your business…It needs to come from a place of purity that is genuinely invested in the success and well-being of everyone involved.  So pay attention. When people talk, when they are offering something, when they are inviting you in… how does it feel?  Listen to your intuition. Is it moving you closer to truth or subtly reminding you of what to avoid?

Your Health & Well Being Are As Much A Priority As Your Business

A conscious entrepreneur engages in DAILY practices to support their health and well-being. They rest when they need it. They meditate. They go on personal retreats.  They form strong relationships with others.   Because these are the things that are NECESSARY to remain conscious, vibrant, and engaged.

And you can’t trick yourself into believing that your work is more important than you own well-being.

Practice being happy now.
I used to think that I couldn’t rest, relax, or be happy until I achieved _____________ (fill in the blank).

And I finally stopped and asked the question: “What if right now is one of the days I will look back on and brag about later?  What if the best stuff is happening right now and I am missing it while I worry about other insignificant stuff?

Constantly believing that something else needs to happen before we can appreciate our life now doesn’t work. And a conscious entrepreneur knows it.

As human beings, we have so many layers to us. So many patterns. So many unconscious beliefs. So much to get stuck in.  A true conscious entrepreneur doesn’t deny it, and in fact, they welcome it.  They invest in their education and their growth.  They don’t make excuses or fall into the belief that they already know it all.

I believe it’s important for our companies, leaders and governments to embrace and support the development of conscious business mindsets.

I also know that change starts with me.  Personally, I have more work to do… on myself… and I will not stop until I feel free from any and all limitations that keep me from awakening to my full potential and consciousness.

So I wonder, if you were asked – would you prefer to support a conscious entrepreneur if given the choice?

Or, maybe the question is not “how can we make individuals and organizations embrace a conscious business mindset?”

The question is “how can we empower the legions who already want to do so?”