Faith Wood has the uncanny ability to read and respond to an audience – some of that ability comes from training, but a bunch of it comes naturally.When she speaks and looks over the faces that are in the audience, she automatically senses what they need, what they want and what they’re seeking.Sound crazy? Well, it’s really not – she literally can read the audiences’ faces and body language.

So, why should Faith’s ability to connect with an audience matter to you? Here’s why – when you decide to offer your employees the expertise of Inspiring Minds Consultants, you’re offering them the path to personal and business success, should they choose to walk it with faith . . . or, Faith!

Remember the ‘good old days’ when an employee joined a company, learned what was needed to perform well, and that employee stayed with the company for 20 or 30 years?

Loyalty meant something.

Think about that for a second.Are your employees and execs loyal to the company? Do you inspire loyalty in your employees? Let’s face it – you spend bucks for training and it’s an investment for your company – but, what happens when the employee in whom you invested time and money, decides to split after only a year or two?

You just lost your investment.

Inspiring Minds Consultants teaches you to identify those employees you wish to train, effective training techniques and how your company will benefit by building on your investment – not losing it.

Choosing to walk with Faith is one of the greatest gifts you will give your company – and, your employees.