When we think of communication in today’s society, we usually think of the technology that allows us to stretch our minds and bodies across the world – Skype, cell phones, Facebook – the technology is endless, and it continues to dominate in each of our lives.However convenient technology is though, it has a downside – we seldom communicate face-to-face.

As a corporate leader, it’s essential that you communicate with your employees – it’s your primary responsibility as an effective company.With that in mind, ask yourself these questions:

How do your employees communicate their needs, goals, desires, frustrations and issues with each other, and with their supervisors?

How does management communicate with team members, vendors and potential customers?

Do your customers feel as if you care about their business or problems?

Remember that communication is a one-on-one deal – are you communicating effectively?

Are your managers, employees and officers really listening?

Inspiring Minds Consultants teaches the fast approaching lost art of communicating effectively with employees, team members and executives – after all, if you don’t know what makes your employees tick, how can you influence them to the best of your ability?

The answer is simple.