When Crisis Strikes – How We Can Help!

We all go through times of crisis – you know that. However, not all crises are the same, because what may be a crisis for you, will not be a crisis for me – or, your neighbor, or best friend. Moreover, because the perception of a crisis is subjective, you need to be careful not to minimize what is a crisis for someone else, even though you may not agree.

So, just what is a crisis? Simply, it’s an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty, and a crisis can occur within personal lives and the corporate culture. Individual perceptions of crises will vary – nonetheless, your organizational perception of a crisis should not vary.

Strategies and plans must be in place to deal with any type of crisis that may arise within the corporate environment. Your corporate culture must provide for a definition of ‘crisis,and it should prepare for the individual crises – teams must be in place to define, understand, strategize and implement solutions. In other words, you must implement ‘crisis management.

Here are some tips for managing a perceived workplace crisis:

Two-way communication – it’s the critical foundation for responding to a crisis. You need to keep in contact with employees and their families when appropriate
Assure your employees of immediate aid and safety
Make certain your employees know of your company’s on-going support, not just during the crisis
Let your employees know that there will be a rapid return to recovery

Inspiring Minds Consulting teaches you and your company to create strategies and plans that will allow your company to contain possible crisis hysteria, in addition to preparing for the human response that may include many disruptive individual complexities. Preparing for the human response to crisis may include representatives from management, human external crisis consultants, the Employee Assistance Program, legal and other departments of your company.

Inspiring Minds Consultants will train your crisis response teams to organize a schedule of tasks to prepare effectively for a crisis that undoubtedly will arise in your organization.