Ladies, is it time to put relax on the ‘To Do’ list?

I am so excited to be joining Stephanie Staples of Your Life unlimited Radio Show (  on Sunday, January 25th.  Stephanie Staples was voted 2014s Manitoba Entrepreuner of the Year.  Stephanie is a powerful and inspirational speaker who believes you should stop waiting for a better time to live Your Life, Unlimited – the best time is NOW!

headphones-alexandra-stan-a-singer-a-person-1024x1024Her radio show is broadcast out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and I will be on live with her between 9 and 10 AM Central time talking about stress management and my book:  Life Under the Limbo Bar.

This book was published in 2010 and was written for those of us who sometimes forget to laugh outrageously at the stuff that ticks us off.  As a former law enforcement officer, a professional behaviorist and speaker, I wanted to write this book to remind us all that sometimes the moments in our life are not about the lessons (we figure those out later).  Sometimes it is not even about positivity or law of attraction or finding the silver lining.  Sometimes….in truth….it is really more about just staying on your feet (especially when you feel like you are bent over so far you really will tip over).  It is really about simply surviving the moment with at least some dignity and pride intact.  Which brings me to this article below I thought you would enjoy.

Will you join us live on Sunday morning?   We’d love to chat with you. 

Some food for thought…… Ladies, is it time to put relaxation on your “to do” list?

stressmusclerelaxWomen can be the world’s greatest rationalizers when it comes to letting go, taking time off, even delegating. You’ve probably said it yourself: “But what if such-and-such has to get done? What if the children have to be picked up/dropped off? What will happen if I’m not there to do the job/make the dinner/clean the house (you fill in the blank)?”

Not only are women stressing out, they’re stressed because they aren’t able to manage that stress. For those of us who can definitely relate to this, maybe we just need to remind ourselves every couple of years (months, hours) that it really is OK to take time off for ourselves – you know, ‘me time’. After all, we have the vote, right? So we have just as much right to ask for – AND TAKE – relaxation time, right?

For women, life often becomes a series of roles: wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend … superwoman, martyr. It’s easy to lose yourself in all those demands, but if you want a life that is even remotely worth living, it is essential, for both your physical and psychological health, to take time for yourself – even if others get all huffy and act as if you are being completely unreasonable. If that happens, assure them (and yourself) that the West Coast will not slide off into the Pacific Ocean, a volcano will not erupt under your home, and Earth will not be invaded by hostile aliens if you take half-an-hour for a bubble bath, complete with glowing candles and a glass of wine. (If Earth is invaded by hostile aliens while you are in your bath, please do not take responsibility – they will be sentient creatures who are responsible for themselves.)

There are several things you can do to incorporate relaxation/me time into your life:

1. The first thing you have to change is your own attitude. Say this every morning upon arising: “The world will not come to an end if I take time to relax today.” Make this your mantra and use it whenever necessary or you will find yourself falling back into bad habits.

2. Another useful exercise is learning how to say, “No.” It’s difficult, but it will become easier as time goes on. Practice saying it during your commute to work – as in:

“No, I won’t make dinner for you and 30 of your friends tonight (i.e. in 20 minutes).”
“No, although the debate continues about the time-space continuum, I can’t have that report to you by yesterday.”
“No, I’m not going to forego my long-planned-for and scheduled vacation so you can go to Las Vegas to get married.”
“No, I’m not going to bail your second cousin out of jail for the 15th time.”

Prepare yourself for some unpleasant reactions the first few times you say, “No”, as some people may not actually understand what you are saying. This, too, will get easier with time.

3.    Delegate. Again, here’s where your own attitude plays a role. For example, your children may not clean the house to your standards, but they can learn. (Do NOT go back and re-clean after they have finished.) Learning to delegate at work is also important. This not only adds valuable time to your day, but it gives those to whom you delegate tasks a chance to feel like they are helping too.

4.   Experiment with turning off all electronic devices when you take time for yourself. Believe it or not, your phone can actually record messages and your e-mail will still be there when you come back from that refreshing walk at lunchtime.

These are just simple ways to begin changing your life for the better if you have become lost in a sea of responsibilities and have even perhaps ‘lost’ yourself. Remember, the only way you are going to get time for yourself is to make it happen – 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there – it’s totally worth it.

You will be less stressed, your energy will be boosted (but try not to see that as a reason to take on more), your mood will improve (people might actually hear you better if you smile when you say, “No”.)

And you will probably find yourself thinking, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Behaviorist Faith Wood is the author of:  Life under the Limbo Bar.  A refreshingly light hearted journey into the life stressors we create for ourselves.   Her book is filled with tips and insights designed to help you laugh your way back into sanity.  You can grab a copy of her book at: